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The worship rota for forthcoming weeks is below. It shows the worship leader, all those involved in the music team and anyone who isn't available - for example, because they are serving in some other role. Click on a button to highlight all similar entries (for example, click on your initials to show every time you are on duty). Please contact Wulf to make updates.

COVID-19 update - 12 March 2021

We don't yet know when we will be able to resume regular live music in church but many of the songs in our 'worship fuel' playlist could benefit from additional or improved parts and new songs are also welcome. Send me recordings or get in touch to talk about the practicalities.

Wulf Forrester-Barker, Worship Pastor

You can also view the charts of songs used by ASTAD since November 2019.

Service Leader Guitar / Keys Bass Rhythm Melody Vocals Unavailable Notes
Sunday 18 Apr 2021 (10:30am)
Online service
Wulf Group not yet selected    
Sunday 25 Apr 2021 (10:30am)
Online service
Wulf Group not yet selected